Business Transactions

Appropriate legal documentation is essential for all businesses, no matter the size. Without appropriate documentation, your business can suffer from disputes with partners, customers, and vendors. At best, these disputes can slow you down, and at worst, they can prove fatal to your business. We have the skills and experience necessary to craft the documents your business needs to avoid unexpected legal consequences.

Our firm has the tools, experience and skill to provide you with a strategic, practical and cost-effective litigation plan, and we will aggressively prosecute your claims and defenses.

Business Formation

The attorneys at Fletcher & Winkleblck, PLLC, have formed thousands of corporations, limited liability companies, and limited partnerships. In addition, we have relationships with professionals throughout the United States, enabling us to form and maintain business associates in every state in the United States.

We recognize that when you're forming a business, the last thing you want to spend your capital on is legal services, no matter the necessity.  For that reason, we offer fixed fees for most of our business formation services and competitive and affordable rates. We have extensive experience in the formation of:

Limited Liability Companies

A limited liability company (“LLC”) provides the benefits of protection against personal liability, partnership accounting, and minimal formation and maintenance expense. Your new company may also benefit from the preparation of an operating agreement. An operating agreement governs the internal affairs of the LLC, and provides for the necessary terms between the members of the LLC, including, without limitation, capital contributions, tax allocations, money distributions, management, voting, dispute resolution, and the like.

The attorneys at Fletcher & Winkleblack, PLLC, have the experience, knowledge, and expertise to guide you through the formation of your LLC and the preparation of its operating agreement.


Choosing the right legal structure for your business is an important step towards success. Corporations are business organizations that provide protection against personal liability and various tax benefits for owners. The lawyers at Fletcher & Winkleblack, PLLC, have the knowledge and experience to provide the proper advice as to which form of business entity is right for you.

We are fully prepared to assist you in forming corporations and preparing auxiliary documents for corporations, including bylaws and shareholder agreements. Bylaws are the rules that govern the internal affairs of the corporation. Well crafted, legally accountable bylaws are required, and provide a safeguard against future difficulties. A shareholder’s agreement provides the framework for dispute resolution and litigation avoidance.

One of the benefits of a corporation is that investors can be enticed with the promise of stock. However, stock offerings must meet appropriate legal standards for your protection. We are equipped to provide the guidance you need to avoid legal problems in the issuance of stock.

Business Agreements

In addition to business formation, we are also experienced in providing complex business agreements, such as shareholder agreements, operating agreements, employment agreements, subscription agreements, asset purchase agreements, and stock purchase agreements.

We provide a complete range of legal services to small and large organizations, located both in and out of Arizona. Our clients are engaged in a variety of industries, including property investment, construction, manufacturing, food and beverage, consumer products, and professional services.

We'll take care of your legal matters so that you can focus on the success of your business. We frequently assist our clients with:

A business owner, member in a limited liability company, or shareholder in a corporation should have defined obligations and terms regarding the business and other owners, members, shareholders, and employees. The attorneys at Fletcher & Winkleblack, PLLC, have the experience necessary to provide sound and practical advice for our clients when forming a new business or modifying, acquiring or selling an existing business.

Multistate Business Registration

The firm helps many of its clients expand into multiple states. The attorneys at Fletcher & Winkleblack, PLLC, have the skill and experience to answer difficult questions and provide the guidance you need to ensure that your business will always comply with the laws of a foreign jurisdiction. We have handled foreign business registrations in all 50 states, and we have developed a network of local professionals to assist in that process.