Construction Law

We regularly advise developers, property owners, contractors, and subcontractors in all types of construction transactions and disputes. From this wealth of experience, knowledge and skill, the firm’s attorneys are able to efficiently advise our clients on the best course of action as it relates to any construction transaction or dispute. We are here to help you do business efficiently with your customers, builders, and vendors, and to assist you in resolving the disputes you can't avoid.

Construction Agreements

Fletcher & Winkleblack, PLLC, represents businesses and individuals in a variety of commercial and residential construction transactions. Whether you are an owner or a contractor, we can assist you with:

We have experience assisting our clients at all phases of construction, including ground-up construction, tenant improvements and residential remodels. We're here to ensure your interests are protected and that your construction project proceeds as smoothly as possible.

Construction Disputes

We know that a dispute can completely derail a construction project.  When a dispute arises, our focus is to provide our clients with solutions centered around their priorities. After performing a careful analysis of the situation, we use our experience to develop and implement strategies that are creative, practical, and cost-effective. We are intimately familiar with Arizona’s unique rules regarding mechanic’s liens and construction defects and have trusted relationships with construction experts and engineers in and around Maricopa County.

Construction Defects

In any construction project there is a possibility that the work will not be up to proper standards. Fletcher & Winkleblack, PLLC, handles construction defect matters regularly. The issues we typically handle in construction defect matters include:

In all instances, the legal issues involved are complicated. Whether you are an owner or a contractor, strong representation from an expert in the industry is vital to successful resolution.

Mechanic's Liens

A mechanic’s lien is a debt collection tool that contractors can employ to ensure that they are paid by their customers. The attorneys at Fletcher & Winkleblack, PLLC, provide legal guidance and aid regarding mechanic’s liens to contractors and owners alike.

If you hired a licensed contractor to perform a construction project or improve your residential or commercial property, that contractor may have lien rights against the property. There are several statutory protections for owners, and you should immediately contact our office to evaluate the validity of any mechanic’s lien recorded (or threatened to be recorded) against your property.

Fletcher & Winkleblack, PLLC, will work with you to pursue the outcome that protects your interests. Ideally, you should come to us before entering into an agreement with a contractor so that we can keep you protected from the outset. However, we're prepared to assist you even after a lien has been recorded against your property.

As a contractor, you have the right to get paid for the work you do and for the materials you provide to any construction project or improvement. You put time and money into your projects and getting short-changed will damage your bottom-line and future prospects. You have obligations and we understand that. We will help you receive the payment you deserve for your time and investment.

In both cases, owners and contractors can find themselves in a time crunch. The sooner you receive legal representation, the more likely you are to achieve a just outcome.