Real Estate Transactions

The lawyers at Fletcher & Winkleblack, PLLC, have represented developers, investors, homeowners, tenants, and contractors in a variety of commercial and residential real estate matters throughout the state concerning:

The firm has the experience, knowledge, and skill to handle all types of complex real estate transactions for commercial and residential properties in all phases of development.  It is this experience, knowledge, and skill that allows the attorneys at Fletcher & Winkleblack, PLLC, to provide efficient and excellent service through any real estate transaction.  

Purchase and Sale Agreements

Whether you are negotiating the purchase of a large commercial building or your personal residence, navigating a real estate transaction is a complex affair.  Retaining Fletcher & Winkleblack, PLLC, to assist with your transaction provides you with certainty that your interests are protected and that the deal will proceed as smoothly as possible. Our attorneys are experienced in drafting and reviewing purchase and sale agreements on behalf of both buyers and sellers.  We have trusted relationships with dozens of real estate brokers and title agencies and know how to get you from negotiations to a successful closing.

Lease Preparation and Review

Lease preparation is key for any landlord, as the lease dictates a landlord’s relationship with its tenant for years. The attorneys at Fletcher & Winkleblack, PLLC, conduct a thorough evaluation of their landlord-client’s needs, goals and budget when preparing  leases, and our experience and skill allow the firm’s attorneys to prepare high quality work without sacrificing efficiency.

Similarly, a tenant faces significant challenges when negotiating a commercial lease. Often overlooked by tenants are those provisions detailing additional costs, insurance requirements, operating expenses, tenant improvements and default provisions, all of which are critically important for the tenant’s bottom line. For many tenants, leasing commercial space is the biggest investment their business will make, and it is vitally important to have qualified professionals on the tenant’s side to ensure that their lease agreements meet their expectations and needs.

Real Estate Financing

The firm represents lenders and borrowers in all aspects of real estate financing. From loan origination to refinancing, short sales and foreclosures, our attorneys are committed to providing our real estate clients with thoughtful solutions that balance both the legal and economic realities of their situations. The firm provides clients with legal guidance in the following areas:

Real Estate Development

The firm represents sellers, buyers and developers from inception to conclusion in real estate development matters including the following services:

Whether you are a contractor or an owner, our firm will help you identify and remove obstacles delaying or preventing completion of the project.